ăBS Balcř Food

Company Profile
ăBS Food, operating in Kahramanmara■, entered into the industry of cold storage warehouse in 2012. Dealing with fruit growing, our company stores the products inside controlled atmosphere cold rooms by using the latest technology. Furthermore, ăBS Food started to launch branded products under the brand names Eshki (Pomegranate molasses), BiĺKa■řk Hurma Pekmezi
(Date molasses and BiĺKa■řk Elma Pekmezi (Apple molasses).
As the harvest of human and health oriented production thought, ăBS Balcř Food brands contain no additives and preservatives.

Company Executive: Hikmet Fatih Tozkapar
Telephone: 0 (344) 606 06 46
Fax: 0 (344) 251 28 94
Address: Fatih Mah. Mahir ▄nal Cad. 1. Sokak No: 336
TŘrko­lu - Kahramanmara■ 46800
Web Site: